Training children in ABACUS & Mental Arithmetic Program enables them to develop their ability to solve arithmetic calculations in the mind without the use of pen & paper or calculator; it removes the fear of arithmetic & improves overall performance of the child.

like better Memory, Concentration, Logical Thinking, Visualization, Observation, Imagination, Creativity, and Reasoning & Analytical Ability. This training also enables children to be self reliant and self confident

Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning languages and sound and the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning shape and space. Since the right hand is used more often than left hand the right brain function is not so well developed.

We have unique programmes that develop concentration, confidence and visual memory through our flagship Abacus and Brain Gym programme, creativity and confidence through our various art programme, accelerated learning and improved social skills through the various programme and better English communication through our Programme.


In a great effort, the approximate time of the students concentration on the subject that is taught by the teacher is 3 to 4 Minutes of the scheduled period . Where as the student who has undergone ABACUS Training with Brilliant Abacus Academy, the concentration level has increased dramatically.

this aid the child to develop concentration, creativity, listening and comprehension skills so as to empower the process of 360 degrees brain development for normal children aged 3.5-14 .